Request Assistance

OS: Ubuntu 10.04

Graphics Cards: EVGA GTX 560 TI 1GB x 2 in SLI Mode.

Currently running a VMware I made of Ubuntu 10.04 loaded with BT5, attempting to unlock the CUDA power of my video cards for use with Pyrit. Yes, I work in the security field. Running into an error.

I downloaded the NVIDIA Linux drivers 310.44 for my video cards. I did chmod +x, allowing the file to run as an executable program. I am able to run the program succesfully, however; I receive the following…


I am confused, I am certain I downloaded the correct drivers and am wondering if someone else hasn’t seen this before?

I just got an error about the XSERVER running. I thought I turned it off, I’ll confirm and try again and post back. Yes, I am aware there are many guides out there for this and I am following one of them. Appreciate the NVIDIA community assistance as I move forward!

Alright, killed the Xterm, and was able to run it again, got the same screenshot as earlier except this time, after hitting “Okay”, I’m brought to the following.

This concerns me as I think it’s about to move forward with installation, however; it already told me I don’t have a qualifying Video Card. We all know how much it sucks to remove old drivers, going to move forward, if anyone has any ideas/recommendations appreciate it.

:( Anyone have ideas on why my Linux system isn’t detecting my Video Cards? Could it be the VMware?

Problem is with VMWare not being able to access the Video Cards, solved my own problems! Feel free to delete this post or leave it up for lols, kudos to NVIDIA community, love you all! Looks like I’m go for a dual boot option!

For anyone else that runs into this problem, all VMWare software currently utilizes its own “Make-Shift” video adapter, SVGA II or SVGA, it’s generic and it’s just an emulation of your current video card. You cannot utilize the full hardware of all of your equipment in your PC, yet. Incase anyone else has the bright idea to attempt CUDA computing from within a virtual system, lol. Cheers