Request debug RTCPU image for JP5.1

@JerryChang would you please be able to provide the debug rtcpu image for the xavier nx and orin nx on JP5.1. We are running into some camera troubles, and it would help us debug futher

Thank you!

hello akhil.veeraghanta,

you may still working with JetPack-5.0.2/l4t-r35.1 camera firmware with debug flag enabled.
we’ve tested it locally. you may using this for debug purpose.

awesome thank you! Is there documentation about the messages printed by the debug image? I checked the TRM and the Jetson Linux page and couldn’t find anything

hello akhil.veeraghanta,

some of them were CSI registers dumps, due to too many logs, may I know what exactly you’re looking for?

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