Requesting for support to add Indian language Lip sync in A2F

Hi Team,

I am exploring A2F on adding Indian language Lip sync.
I have tried with Hindi as starting point but the Lip sync output in latest A2F version is not as per the audio files.
It would be great to have a support in adding Indian language lip sync.
A guidance also helps to update the A2F pipeline to achieve proper Indian language Lip sync as an output.
I have checked Maxine concept, this can be integrated into A2F pipeline as well. ?
(NVIDIA Maxine: Reinventing Real-Time Video Communications with AI - YouTube)

Hi @Ramesh_B,

I took the liberty of redirecting you to Omniverse, where most of the A2F discussions take place. If you think it rather fits under Maxine, I also added that tag and you can easily move the posting to that category instead.


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Hello @Ramesh_B! A2F should support the Indian language. I will forward this to the dev team to confirm!


Thank you for the interest of Audio2Face
We can do other languages to a degree depending on what language.
We have a new AI model version coming up that has improvements to multi language support among other things.

Do you have any Hindi audio we can use to test this new model internally to see what result we get with Hindi?


Thanks for your support.
I have added a Male and a Female Hindi audio files for your reference.

Can’t wait to see the output in new AI 3D model you mentioned.

@siyuen Hope the audio files I shared are working in the new AI 3D avatar.
Kindly let me know if you need any other audio files to test out.