Audio2Face is lag ,Lip sync and audio is not matching

Hi team,
I am using Audio2face 2023.1.1 version. I have done the A2F transfer with my character and lighting in the scene and all.
while playing the animation the lip sync and audio is not matching, there is a lag will appear in between.

I am tried this .usda and .usd file with some other system as well, there also the same lag issue is happening .

(I am using 32 Ram i9 12 gen RTX 3070 ti Configuration system. No other applications running in the time ).

Is there any solution for this ?

@jebastin.raja , character transfer can be quite heavy, as there are a number of deformers involved.
If it’s for offline processing, you can export out the cache of charTransfer result and load them as regular timesamples instead.
If live is needed, have you tried adjusting the Prediction delay on audio2face to compensate the lag?

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Thanks @esusantolim. I had check this option .Now I am able to control the lag issues. Thanks a lot.

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