Audio2face moves head but not face in Unreal Engine

Hi, i am using livelink A2f in Unreal, and while the head does move a little bit (in unreal), the face and mouth does not animate (in unreal).

I would appreciate any possible tips on how to fix this.

Edit: the mouth finally opened, but i added a picture showing the error massage, it says i am over memory budget, it seems frozen or very slow, and doesn’t catch up with facial movement.

Thank you.

Hi @Josiahgil what are your computer specs?

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they are
omniverse audio2face 23.2.0
unreal engine 5.3.2
windows 11
gpu: rtx 3070 ti (8 gig)
cpu: ryzen 7 3700x
ram ddr4 16 gig 3600mhz
samsung ssd 980 pro 2tb

i should note, unreal only slows down after loading the Audio2face project file

i found an answer that says my poolsize in unreal was too low, so i raised it from 1 gig to 6 gigs, and for a moment everything streamed fine, the face was animating, but then it acted weird again, so i still haven’t found a solution.

Also, when ever i click on the unreal app, it doesn’t show the error, but audio2face lags, then if i click audio2face, it works fine but then unreal lags.

I found the solution that worked but then stopped working.

I needed to change a setting in UE5, from directxX12 to directX11

it streamed for a minute and never shows the memory error, but it continues to have an issue with animating the face.