Audio2Face LiveLink stream to other computer

Hello, I`m using Audio2Face to animate a MetaHuman in Unreal Engine 5.3. I use a RTX 2080, but my computer seems too slow to stream to my project, which is why I use another PC where I run my UE project. Under “hostname” I put in the IP address of the other computer. Both computers are in the same network. But when i click on activate I receive the following error. I would be very grateful, if somone could help.


Welcome to the forums @gamba99

What hostname are you using in both Audio2Face and Unreal Engine?

In Audio2Face I used the IP address of my other computer. In Unreal engine on my other PC, I added Omniverse Live Link as my source in the Live Link window.

Regarding the main issue, is the audio choppy in Unreal Engine?

If so you could set the t.MaxFPS 30 in Unreal Engine.

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