Audio2Face + UE 5.3 Same PC Issues

I’m using Audio2Face with LiveLink in UE 5.3.2. The project only has one avatar. I do text to speech with elevenlabs and issue commands via rest api.
The moment Audio2Face UI is not top most, it becomes unusable. If UE is not top most and Audio2Face is, it works fine. How do I solve this without a 2nd PC?
The machine it’s running on is as a 4070.

Are you using Audio2Face 2023.2.0? I remember this being an issue in previous versions, but can’t reproduce it using the latest version.

Have you also tried with different audio sample rates in UE, maybe 16k Hz?

I finally figured it out. The PC has 2 GPUs listed, an AMD integrated and the RTX 4080 (not 4070).
It was pushing Audio2Face onto the AMD and not the RTX.
Changed it to force everything to use the RTX, working great now :).

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