Requires 8 T4 GPU cards for a single CPU

Server development: Currently we use DeepSteam6.1, which requires 8 T4 GPU cards for a single CPU; How to get the best performance from multiple Gpus?

  1. Solution 1: Run each DeepStream plug-in on different Gpus. Gpu-id =N needs to be modified in the configuration file for allocation.

Such as:






This scheme needs to pay special attention to the shared access of memory.

  1. Scheme 2: Directly adopt multi-process scheme, one process corresponds to one GPU; Each process is independent.

Is plan 1 or 2 feasible? Or is there a better alternative?

How is the Scheme 2 implemented in your env?

Deepstream-app project source code independent management, and then independent compilation; Execute separate execution files in different directories.

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Ok, we suggest to use the second Scheme. Cause one process on the card, some specialized modules are used for inferfing, and some are used for codec. And there may be memory copy problem from differenet cards. So just choose Scheme 2.

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