Resume from hibernation fails with 510.60.02

With the 510.54 driver, hibernation works fine. When resuming, I get a flashing cursor for a bit, then the desktop appears.
With the 510.60.02 driver, resuming from hibernation fails. I get the flashing cursor as before, but then the monitors just turn off. At this point, I can ping the machine, but I cannot login via SSH. Trying to switch to a console with Ctrl-Alt-F1/2/etc doesn’t do anything. After rebooting I don’t see anything in the logs after the start of the hibernation.

I’ve attached pre- and post-hibernate reports with the 510.54 driver, and a pre-hibernate report with the 510.60.02 driver. Obviously I can’t get a post-hibernate report with 510.60.02…

I’ve performed some of the tests suggested here Debugging hibernation and suspend — The Linux Kernel documentation

  • All the hibernation test modes (/sys/power/pm_test) work.
  • Writing test_resume to /sys/power/disk does not work.

510.54-post-hibernate-nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (266.9 KB)
510.54-pre-hibernate-nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (221.6 KB)
510.60.02-pre-hibernate-nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (229.1 KB)

Not sure if related but try this solution, it did fix mine [FIXED] Suspend / Resume issues with the driver version 470 - #3 by humblebee

Thanks for the suggestion! I do not have the nvidia-suspend/hibernate/resume services enabled, however I do have /usr/lib/systemd/system-sleep/nvidia which AIUI performs the same job as the nvidia-resume service. I tried removing this. Unfortunately it had no effect, so I suspect this is not the issue. The linked thread talks about a kernel panic, which I do not believe I am seeing – the machine still eg responds to pings, it just seems it doesn’t get far enough through the resume process to allow any real interaction.