RHEL 7.4, 384.69 driver, GTX 760, K20c, gnome-session-check-accelerated sigsegv

I have a workstation with RHEL 7.4, two NVIDIA cards, GTX 760 and K20c. I had the driver installed with RHEL 7.3 and didn’t observe any issues, but when upgrading to the new RHEL minor release where GNOME was rebased, I see a gnome-session-check-accelerated seg fault:

segfault at 0 ip 00007fa4fc71401f sp 00007ffc81610bd8 error 4 in libc-2.17.so[7fa4fc684000+1b8000]

I’ve replaced the driver with an older 375.82 version and gnome seems to start fine. I’m curious if anybody else has seen this issue. I’ve got colleagues who don’t seem to have this issue, but my hardware differs from them. When I get done doing some work with the older driver, I can reinstall the 384.69 driver again and run the nvidia-bug-report.sh for those interested.

I’ve done a reinstall of the RHEL 7.4 OS just to be certain and can cause the segfault each time when trying to start up GDM with the 384.69 driver.