Rigid meshes are going inside one another though it is solid


I have created a humanoid model with left arm as attached below. I have attached few joints. Now when I am moving joints one mesh going inside another mesh. Can you please let me know is there any physics property by changing which I can make it solid object so that even if I change joints if there is a solid object it won’t move further.

Also, attached original usd file in case you want to see my usd models physx details.
humanoid.usd (111.9 KB) humanoid_one_arm.usd (3.9 KB)

If you click on the joint, you can enable collision between the 2 jointed bodies. Also double check where the joint anchor is, see if it’s where you want it. The selection order affects this joint anchor point (body1 first then body 2 or body2 then body1).