Cannot create a joint between a body and itself


I am fairly new to Isaac Sim, and while putting a prismatic joint in a linear actuator (that I imported from another world) I came across this error: PhysicsUSD: CreateJoint - you cannot create a joint between a body and itself (both joint bodies must be unique) for joint prim.

While I understand what the error is telling me, I do not get why I am getting this error specifically for this example and not any of the actuators with the same XForm hierarchy I have worked on before this. I have attached a photo of my stage below, and any help would be appreciated, and I am happy to provide any further clarification.


Hello, I am moving this topic to the Isaac Sim category for better visibility.

@lfa1 i am not an expert, but perhaps these posts by the mods might be relevant:

also, do you mind mentioning which Isaac Sim version you are using?

Hi @lfa1 - Here’s the sample example in documentation about how to rig a robot: