Vehicle dynamics Wheels

  1. Hi can someone help me here what mistake i am making here

  2. [ 16:29 ]

2022-05-22 10:45:15 [Error] [omni.physx.plugin] PhysicsUSD: CreateJoint - you cannot create a joint between a body and itself (both joint bodies must be unique) for joint prim: /scene/WizardVehicle1/Vehicle/LeftWheel2References/Rear_Left_Wheel/RevoluteJoint
kit_20220522_145332.log (1.3 MB)

I know this is an old post, but did you ever figure this out? I think the problems was as the error describes, you can’t create a joint between an object and itself.

To resolve this you probably have to select prims that are in separate branches of the Stage tree. For example you cannot create a joint between WizardVehicle and LeftWheel1Reference. You could make a joint between Body and LeftWheel1Reference