RigidActor, RigidBody, RigidStatic and RigidDynamic

Hello, I have a question and I would like clarification.

From what I see in PhysX, there are RigidActor, RigidBody, RigidStatic and RigidDynamic. RigidStatic and RigidDynamic I know so that are… but RigidActor and RigidBody I am unclear what for to use them. So you would not know in what situations to use them. Someone could tell me.


If you look at the inheritance hierachy in the PhysX documentation you will see that for each of 2 type PxRigidStatic and PxRigidDynamic, PxRigidActor/PxRigidBody is included in the chain. Its just a matter of inheritance. You don’t directly used PxRigidActor or PxRigidBody, instead, their functionality is acheived via their respective derived class( PxRigidStatic/PxRigidDynamic ).

Ok. Thanks