Riva Quickstart 2.3.0 wav folder missing

Hardware - AGX Xavier
Hardware - CPU
Operating System JetPack 5.01
Riva Version 2.3.0

I ran the ASR client command in quick start, but I can’t find the wav folder!
How do I get the wav folder and its contents?

root@6fdf224d8b1e:/opt# riva_asr_client --audio_file=/opt/riva/wav/en-US_sample.wav
I0830 06:03:15.889405   219 riva_asr_client.cc:434] Using Insecure Server Credentials
Loading eval dataset...
invalid path: /opt/riva/wav/en-US_sample.wav
Done loading 0 files

config.sh (14.2 KB)

Hi @t.seki.tsc

Thanks for your interest in Riva,

Apologies for the delay

I will check with my team regarding the same and get back soon

Quick Suggestions - can we try with latest Riva 2.5.0