Riva throwing "Health ready failed" on Jetson Orin AGX with Jetpack 6.0DP

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Hardware - Jetson Orin AGX Developer Kit with 64 GB
Hardware - Jetson Orin AGX Developer Kit with 64 GB
Operating System- Ubuntu 22.04
Riva Version - 2.14
TLT Version (if relevant)
How to reproduce the issue ? (This is for errors. Please share the command and the detailed log here)

Installing and initiating works fine. Running the “riva_start.sh” throws after quite a number retries the error message, that “Health ready check failed”.

I think I had it working on 6.0 DP (briefly, went back to 5.1.1 for troubleshooting… I was only running ASR, TTS, and NMT. it might depend on which models you are trying to run in your config, but technically it won’t be supported on anything but JP 5.1.1 according to this. Support Matrix — NVIDIA Riva

Which models are you running?

The docker is Not starting with the out-of-the-box models… forget about finetuned models

It is ashaming that Nvidia is offering a developer edition jetpack but is not able to provide the baseline tools … I mean I did not expect it at the same time as the jetpack 6.0DP was published, but that 2 month ago!

I mean the jetson devices Are used for AI apps and if their new framework is not supporting their native AI tools, this ashaming!
What is a developer edition of a framework worth, if it does Not Support the basics?