ROS (rviz) - point cloud visualization.

I have read that the TK! might not be able to handle visualizing point cloud data. Is this true for latest TX2 and TX1 modules as well?

TK1 had a problem compiling PCL (Point Cloud Library) without swap attached, as it only had 2GB memory and PCL consumes a lot building. However works fine without swap on TX1/TX2. TX1/TX2 also have much higher compute capacity and can visualized more points/second. For example I know folks who have processed Velodyne Puck LIDAR point clouds (300K points/second) on TX1/TX2 in addition to Hokuyo and Sterelabs ZED devices.
Also I personally use a smaller, less expensive LIDAR (Slamtec rpLIDAR) which also does all the processing/visualization onboard Jetson.