Jetson TK1: Mobile Embedded Supercomputer Takes CUDA Everywhere

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Today, cars are learning to see pedestrians and road hazards; robots are becoming higher functioning; complex medical diagnostic devices are becoming more portable; and unmanned aircraft are learning to navigate autonomously. As a result, the computational requirements for these devices are increasing exponentially, while their size, weight, and power limits continue to decrease. Aimed at…

Do the drivers for this board provide OpenCL support?

Not at this time. Jetson TK1 is targeted at embedded CUDA applications.

Getting mine today ;-)

Excellent! Let us know how it goes!

how much is the maximum output mipi?

so i sent email asking for mechanical drawing (dxf or gerber) and drill data so I can make an add-on board utilizing the highdensity board connector and I never got a reply. Is this normal? Should I be contacting someone specific about this kinda stuff?

I think you're looking for the Jetson TK1 mechanical design link found on the support page:

If that is not enough, you can try asking specific questions on the support forum here:

ya saw that. I'm not a 3d cad engineer, so I don't have any tools to deal with 3d model. all I need is 2d drawing of the PCB outline, mounting holes, and any connector etc position. the documentation didn't even mention connector part number or manufacturer etc. schematic just shows pin out and nothing else. it's kinda hard to do add-on board without this info.

We're working on making the details you're looking for available on the Jetson TK1 support page. Will probably be a few days, so please check back later!

great. my board hasn't shipped yet ( i pre ordered from this site), so hopefully by the time it does, the info will be available.

Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to win one. I'm only a senior in high school and can't quite afford one yet. I'd like to see if i'd be able to make this into a mobile hand held solution of some sort, or at the very least a portable solution. I'm still new to all this but I feel that when I get my hands on one it will help improve my knowledge greatly as i love to learn about new technologies.

OK, so few days have passed, the board was shipped and delivered, and still no trace of mechanical drawing/connector positions/board outline/mounting holes dimensions etc.

Is there any ETA to when this info will be on the site?
gerbers for production board would be sufficient, however if that's not available/under NDA, then just mechanical outline/drill file and maybe top silk or something is all I really need...

Trust me, it's in process. The content needs to go through a number of reviews to make sure we aren't posting information which isn't supposed to be public, and to make sure it's in a usable format.

>> In addition the following signals are available through an expansion port: DP/LVDS, Touch SPI, 1×4 + 1×1 CSI-2, GPIOs, UART, HSIC, and i2c.
How to get this expansion port?

The expansion ports are built into the Jetson TK1 board, so they are already present.

No OpenCL?!

Hi, I want to buy this board to develop an autonomous robot.
1. Assuming that I will only be using an open source tools like OpenCV, may use this robot commercially afterwards (e.g. sell it)?
2. What is the difference between Linux for Tegra and Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS (assuming that L4T is a Linux distribution, not just a driver package)?
3. May I install RTLinux kernel patch on it and use it efficiently?
4. What kind of OS is installed on the board initially?
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As one who purchased a Jetson TK1 so I could develop for Tegra K1... and having seen several documents from Nvidia indicating that Tegra K1 would support OpenCL 1.2... this is very disappointing.

Try the support page now and see if everything you need is there: