Jetson TK1: Mobile Embedded Supercomputer Takes CUDA Everywhere

Hey, looks good
The DXF was exactly what I needed. Now I can make the expansion board as planned. Thank you!

Glad to help! Keep us posted on anything cool you end up doing with Jetson TK1! You can either comment here, use the contact form, or post on

Hi there - I have a rendering application called align_image_stack (part of Hugin package for linux) which supports OpenGL 4.4 but not specifically CUDA. Not knowing anything about GPU architecture, can you tell me whether this is likely to work and whether it would utilise all 192 cores? Does OpenGL sit atop CUDA and CUDA is handled by the OS? Apologies - as you can see, I have very limited knowledge of GPU capabilities..

Thanks. Great product - hopefully it does what I am after...!

The application would have to be compiled for the ARMv7 processor used on this board if it hasn't been already. You'll have to investigate that aspect with the software distributor.

The board supports OpenGL 4.4. So applications that use OpenGL should be compatible out of the box from that aspect.

CUDA is a different concept and requires the application to have support built-in. Although CUDA and OpenGL are distinct frameworks for accessing the same GPU hardware, CUDA can be a bit more efficient for many workloads, including image manipulation.

Ok great. So you are saying if compiled for arm 7 and OpenGL compatible, it should take advantage of all the cores and that CUDA simply just does it better....

That's great - thanks for that!

Is there any program to make the Jetson available to researchers outside the field of computer vision? Say perhaps speech recognition?

@aanchanmohan:disqus, you can try submitting a request to our hardware donation program here:

I was very surprised to find that this development board does not currently have VDPAU support. Is this something that will be added in a later driver release, or is the hardware functionality missing?

I really want this! :) My dream will come true! I think it will be useful for defense related applications too.

Hello, Tegra K1 is a greatly excellent product. I have a question whether the VisionWorks library can be run on other GPU of your company such as GeForce because it's very convenient to develop software in the PC and finally test on the Tegra K1.


could you please comment?

you say: you can download and install the CUDA Toolkit v6.0 and the VisionWorks SDK from the Jetson Support Page,

but 6 months later VisionWorks is not available.

I bought into Jetson in large part because of the promotion around VisionWorks.

many thanks


Sorry about this. I've updated the text to be more correct, and will update it again when VisionWorks is released.

Is tegra support CUDA streams?? I am unable to use stream, it hurts each application on performance

Tegra K1 supports CUDA streams. Can you provide more information about what doesn't work for you?

I am facing a problem to execute concurrent kernels on Jetson Tk1. I am using Tegra Jetson TK1 with Linux for Tegra "L4T 19.3 & CUDA Toolkit 6.0". I am executing a simple program to launch multiple kernels to run concurrently using CUDA Streams. but I am failed every time with my Tegra Jetson TK1.
So I have tried same code/project on different machine which is MacBookPro with NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M, It is perfectly launching concurrent kernels with optimised time.

I have also tried samples provided by NVIDIA (i.e samples/6_Advanced/concurrentKernels) program running fine, but kernels are executing sequentially not in concurrent way.

I am using ubuntu 12.04 for cross compilation to build executable for Tegra Jetson TK1. and I am running from ssh (using Remote Debugging from Nsight IDE) for Profiling. below are the information of my build and target machine.

Build Machine:

OS : ubuntu.12.04

IDE : Nsight 6.0.0

CUDA Toolkit : 6.0

Target machine(Jetson TK1):

OS: L4T 19.3

CUDA Toolkit : 6.0

For more information I have attached my sample project with executable ( built for Tegra Jetson Tk1) including profiling screen shots.

Is Tegra Jetson TK1 supporting concurrent kernels using CUDA Streams.?. If yes, then please help me to execute kernels concurrently on my Tegra Jetson TK1.

What do you mean by "mipi"?

Hi Amol, I believe you are running into a known software issue on the Jetson platform, for which we are currently working on a fix.


This processor is not a mobile phone processor ,so it has't the MIPI interface.

MIPI is a interface on mobile phone processor .The LCD,camera and RF module connect to processor with this interface.