ROS2 Humble for Ubuntu20.04 for ISAAC ROS Implementation


I am using a Jetson Xavier with Jetpack 5.1.1 and Ubuntu 20.04 (focal). I noticed that versions of ROS2 earlier than Humble would not work for ISAAC ROS packages. I am trying to install ROS2 Humble on my Xavier board with Ubuntu 20.04. I would like to know if we can install ROS2 Humble on focal(20.04) version of Ubuntu? If so, can anyone give me the procedure to install ROS2 Humble on my device.

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Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal) is a Tier 3 platform for ROS 2 Humble (compiles but not built by the Open Robotics buildfarm). We build ROS 2 Humble from source for you in our Isaac ROS Dev docker base images. You can use from Isaac ROS Common to run a container on Focal with everything you need to run ROS 2 Humble on your AGX Xavier.

Is thers any good ways to solve the dependencies of the other ros packages by apt install ?

I am getting the following errors when I execute with the same workspace as mentioned in the Isaac ROS Common.

Are you still getting this issue? You should not need to be logged into NGC to pull down the Isaac ROS Dev Base images but there could be transient errors.

I meet the same problem before,you can pull the images before use .

@hemals I have found the reason behind this error. I was installing it in the xavier without an ssd hence the xavier went out of memory. I have mounted an ssd and transferred the docker Root to the ssd. I was able to build the But I am facing a different error as given below :

It says was not found.

I do not know why this is coming. The following are my observations. Maybe it can give you a better clarity on what has happened:

  1. nvidia-container is not installing

  2. I have installed jetpack5.1.1 using SDK Manager before I downloaded all the dependencies to the xavier kit. NVIDIA Container Runtime component under Jetson Runtime components has failed and the log is as follows:

sdk_manager_log.txt (5.7 KB)

  1. I have created my workspace in the folder /ssd/workspaces/isaac_ros-dev/src/ - here /ssd is where the ssd memory is mounted. While running the script I have included the path to this workspace.

  2. Docker image is present

Any idea why this error is coming?

I was confused with other sources in order to install docker. When I installed all components in the SDK Manager for Jetpack 5.1.1(rev1) and followed the procedure to setup development environment according to the official git page, the script was extracted successfully and the container opened without any issues.

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