(ROS2 Humble) Requesting update on source code for "7. Multiple Robot ROS2 Navigation" tutorial that is compatible with ROS2 Humble


Our team is currently coordinating an experimental project on testing the feasibility of multiple robot navigation simulation for warehouse automation.

I would love to test Isaac Sim’s “7. Multiple Robot ROS2 Navigation” tutorial (https://docs.omniverse.nvidia.com/app_isaacsim/app_isaacsim/tutorial_ros2_multi_navigation.html) but it seems like the source code provided is not compatible with ROS2 Humble and the recent version of the Navigation2 stack.

I have posted multiple times on this forum regarding this tutorial requesting for aid but to no avail so far.

Can we please get an update on the ROS2 source code for this tutorial that is compatible with ROS2 Humble?


Hi @jaeyeun - We are aware of this issue and currently working on to fix it. You should be able to see it fixed in our upcoming Isaac Sim release (around Aug timeframe)

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Thank you.
But it would have been nice if you could have mentioned that in the documentation!

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Hey @jaeyeun! I don’t know if you’re still struggling with this but I actually found a fix that allowed me to run this example (more or less). Apparently there is a problem with namespacing within launch files that was preventing any multi-robot navigation from working.

I found a fix for this here: ROS2 Nav2 Not Starting with namespace - ROS Answers: Open Source Q&A Forum

I hope this helps! Sorry if this wasn’t the issue you were facing.

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thanks for the feedback.
ill definitely look into it!

Hello @juan17

Your proposed solution worked!

I was told that the ROS2 Humble Bridge was broken and that it would be fixed in the next Isaac Sim update which is scheduled on August but I no longer have to wait another month to test this out.

You saved me so much time.

Again, thank you so much for sharing this!

sincerely, jaeyeun.

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No worries! I’m glad it fixed your problem!

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