Does the tutorial "7. Multiple Robot ROS2 Navigation" work for ROS2 Humble?


I was working on the ROS2 tutorials provided for Isaac Sim.
I was able to successfully follow and complete up to " 6. ROS2 Navigation".

However for “7. Multiple Robot ROS2 Navigation” I am unable to get the launch file that was provided to properly work and it had me wondering.

Does “7. Multiple Robot ROS2 Navigation” tutorial work for ROS2 Humble?
or is the tutorial just for ROS2 Foxy?

7. Multiple Robot ROS2 Navigation — Omniverse Robotics documentation (


I am also going through the tutorials with ROS2 Humble and it doesnt work for me as well.

Hi @gusqls1330 !

Thanks for your question. In our latest release, Isaac 2023.1.0 we support both Humble and Foxy! You can find the installation instructions for the different ROS versions and the tutorial workspaces here.