RTSP Deprecation in Deepstream-6.4

Unable to read the RTSP in deepstream-6.4 if it contains user_name and password in deepstream sample apps deepstream-rtsp-in-and-out using the command :

python3 deepstream_test1_rtsp_in_rtsp_out.py -i rtsp://admin:admin@123@ -g nvinfer β€” Deprecation error

If I run the command without user_name and password it is giving Unauthorised(401)error

GPU Instance being utilised : Tesla T4
Driver Version: 550.40.07
CUDA Version: 12.4
Camera vendor : CP Plus, Dahua

I tried curl as well as gstreamer command unable to read the rtsp url.


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I believe your issue is because you are using @ in your password admin@123, which interferes with the @ in @ Two possible solutions are:

  1. Change your password by removing @ in it.
  2. Use %40 instead of @ when providing the RTSP url for processing in deepstream. In your case the url would become:


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As a supplement, if your password is admin_123, try to use admin%5F123

Thanks @user87838 .I tried with %40 as mentioned it’s working.

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Thanks @junshengy .It worked.

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