RTSP IP camera and Jetson AGX Orin 64 GB connection

Hi, I am new to Jetson devices, and I need your advice. I want to connect my IP camera which outputs RTSP stream, and get this RTSP stream in opencv2. It works nice on Windows 10, but when I connect it to Nvidia Jetson AGX Orin 64 GB Ethernet port, in Settings → Network, it doesn’t show the cable is plugged in. I tried to connect my webcamera, and my opencv2 script works fine with it. I also tried to connect AGX Orin to my router through Ethernet, and it sees that router is connected, so it looks like Ethernet port is working. I also tried different ethernet cables. Maybe it is not even supposed to be shown that cable is plugged in for IP camera and I can use opencv2 straight away, but how in that case am I supposed to get Ip adress of the camera? Can you give me an advice?

You may try to connect the camera to a PoE switch, and the PoE switch is connected to Ethernet port on Orin developer kit. And would need to configure network setting manually.

Thanks for Your response. This helped, and now I can get my RTSP stream in opencv2. I did manually configured network settings like you said. For those who might need this in the future, I did that like this:

sudo ifconfig eth0 down
sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask
sudo route add default gw eth0
sudo ifconfig eth0 up
Where is adress I assigned to my jetson agx orin, and is adress of default gateway, which is adress of my D-Link PoE-switch.
After that I could

ping -c 4 <ip_adress_of_ip_camera>

, and it worked.
I must also add, that after doing these steps, while I managed to get RTSP stream in OpenCV2, but my wifi stopped working, and when I restarted my PC, wifi worked, but my RTSP stream stopped working, so I had to repeat these steps again. I think I will write a bash script for that.

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