RTSP stream works when using udp protocol but constantly disconnects after a minute using tcp as my protocol

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As the subject line says, I’m facing an issue where is I change the protocol to tcp, I get an EOS error approximately every 60 to 80 seconds and the application ends however it works when the protocol is set to udp. The reason I want to change the protocol to tcp is due to loss in packets using udp causing the application blur our occasionally.

I tried using ffmpeg with the rtsp_transport flag set to tcp and even vlc with --rtsp-tcp flag and both work seamlessly without any issues. I’m attaching my Gstreamer debug logs and hoping for any suggestions.

I’ve played around with the latency parameter and it doesn’t help. I’m using uridecodebin as my source bin and these are some of the properties:

            g_object_set(object, "udp-buffer-size", 2000000, NULL);
            g_object_set(object, "latency", 1000, NULL);
            g_object_set(object, "do-rtsp-keep-alive", true, NULL);
            //g_object_set(object, "timeout", 500000, NULL);
            g_object_set(object, "protocols", 4, NULL);
            //g_object_set(object, "max-rtcp-rtp-time-diff", 3000, NULL);
            //g_object_set(object, "tcp-timeout", 2000000000, NULL);
            g_object_set(object, "drop-on-latency", true, NULL);
            g_object_set(object, "udp-reconnect", true, NULL);
            g_object_set(object, "debug", true, NULL);

From the logs it seems like a rtsp server issue since it disconnects timely every 60 to 80 secs but wouldn’t that be an problem for vlc and ffmpeg as well?

gst_logs.txt (9.7 MB)

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