RTX 2080 Ti. Unable to achieve HDMI 4k60 with 444 Chroma subsampling under CentOS.

I’m trying to use a 40" Vizio 4K TV as a computer monitor, with this setup.

CentOS (actually Scientific) Linux 7
RTX 2080 Ti, HDMI port.
NVidia drivers version 440.44
HDMI cable is rated “Premium High Speed HDMI.” I have gotten this cable to negotiate 4k60/444.
Vizio V405-G9

  • Picture mode “Computer”
  • Color Space “Auto”
  • Input Settings->Full UHD Color “On”

This image seems to be the go-to test for chroma subsampling. The bottom two lines are garbled at 100%.

The OS Settings->Devices->Displays shows 3840x2160/59.94 Hz.
The nvidia-settings GUI shows 3840x2160/60Hz.

But the video display still has compressed chroma.

I was able to force a different NVidia card to YCbCr444 with full dynamic range using the Windows NVidia control panel. Perhaps that solution is available to me here.

Thank you.


Running nvidia-settings.
GPU 0 - (GeForce RTX 2080 Ti)

  • HDMI-0 - (VIZ V405-G9)->
  • Color Space “YCbCr444”, Color Range “Full”

Thank you.