RTX LiDAR and Scene interactions

Hi, I managed to create a simple world with a RTX LiDAR following the tutorial described here, the bridge with ROS2 Foxy is buggy but the bridge with Noetic worked flawlessly.
My main question is how does the RTX LiDAR implementation differs from the PhysX Range Sensors one?
In particular, I added DenseSmoke and Dust to the scene but saw no effect on the point cloud being published to rviz. Consequently, I assume that the RTX LiDAR implementation does not take into account particulate in the scene to compute disturbances over the LiDAR ray simulation.
Is the RTX simulation more realistic compared to the PhysX one in any way shape or form? Is it perhaps just easier to run by leveraging the dedicated hardware?
I tried to scour the documentation to find answers to my question but I wasn’t able to find much. Thank you very much for your time

Neither type of lidar take dust or smoke in the air into account.

With this release, the main difference is that rtx_lidar is

  1. computed on the GPU
  2. sees the same geometry as the rtx renderer instead of the physics collision geometry. So it is true to what you see instead of the likely simplified geometry that the physics engine sees.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply

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