RTX Lidar creation doubt

I’ve been battling with this whole morning.

Can someone explain why this code does not work as intended?

	success, sensor = omni.kit.commands.execute(
		translation=(translation[0], translation[1], translation[2]),
		orientation=Gf.Quatd(orientation[3], orientation[0], orientation[1], orientation[2]),  # Gf.Quatd is w,i,j,k

	_, render_product_path = create_hydra_texture([1, 1], sensor.GetPath().pathString)

	(lidar_graph, _, _, _) = og.Controller.edit(
			{"graph_path": f"{path}/LidarGraph", "evaluator_name": "execution"},
				og.Controller.Keys.CREATE_NODES: [
					("ReadSimTime", "omni.isaac.core_nodes.IsaacReadSimulationTime"),
					("OnImpulseEvent", "omni.graph.action.OnImpulseEvent"),
					("PCLPublish", "omni.isaac.ros_bridge.ROS1RtxLidarHelper"),
				og.Controller.Keys.CONNECT: [
					("OnImpulseEvent.outputs:execOut", "PCLPublish.inputs:execIn"),
				og.Controller.Keys.SET_VALUES: [
					("PCLPublish.inputs:renderProductPath", render_product_path),
					("PCLPublish.inputs:topicName", f"{path}/lidar/point_cloud"),
					("PCLPublish.inputs:type", "point_cloud"),
					("PCLPublish.inputs:resetSimulationTimeOnStop", True),
					("PCLPublish.inputs:frameId", path),


og.Controller.set(og.Controller.attribute(f"{path}/LidarGraph/OnImpulseEvent.state:enableImpulse"), True)

I’m trying to create a lidar and work it out with impulses.

I’ve also tried with the tick-based creation and that did not work either.

The only way it worked was by using the core replicator writer code as in the example.

This code does not run for me, but maybe you can post one that does? It this called with python.sh I assume? I probably just need the first part of your example as well.

So I believe there is a bug with the ROS1RtxLidarHelper that leaves out a connection that is needed. If you look at the action graph, you could probably see it, I think it’s an exec to execIn connection.

Try looking at the action graph in ./python.sh standalone_examples/api/omni.isaac.ros_bridge/rtx_lidar.py

That one have connections that are correct I think.

I would have to see your network to know how to help more, if you can give me a complete code snippet that can reproduce your error that will help!

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