Compute RTX Lidar Point Cloud Node


I’ve been trying to follow the following link to create a RTX lidar.

Running the snippet in the script editor throws an error.

Not too sure why this is I have a camera set up which is named sensor.

Also trying to create the action graph on my own i cant find the Compute RTX Lidar Point Cloud Node in action graph nodes…

Not sure how to progress here.

couple of notes, I’m running issac sim 2022.2.0, i dont have drive sim installed, not sure if that would matter.


Hi @Sirens_uk - Someone from our team will review this question and get back to you.


I’m sorry, we don’t have RTX lidar support in windows yet.

Understood, is that something that would in the pipeline?

Not in the immediate next one but for the future releases, yes.

RTX Lidar works in windows for 2023.1.0.

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