RTX LiDAR | Published ROS2 point cloud lagging behind

Hello everyone,

I’ve been working on a simulated mobile robot project in Isaac Sim. The robot is equipped with an RTX LiDAR. My goal is to publish a full revolution of the LiDAR as a ROS2 topic. While I’ve successfully managed to publish the point cloud to ROS2, I’m encountering a significant lag in the data when rotating the robot in place.

I’ve already experimented with adjusting parameters such as time steps per second and minimum frame rate, but unfortunately, it hasn’t resolved the issue. Attached to this post is a video demonstrating the action graph and the lagging point cloud in RVIZ.

2024_04_08_LiDAR_delay.zip (23.9 MB)

I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions on how to address this problem.
If you need additional information, please let me know.

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The lag in the data was caused by a wrong LiDAR config. The “numberOfEmitters” parameter did not match the length of the list “elevationDeg”.

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