Camera point cloud shake when rotate

Ask a question, I found that the camera point cloud data output by isaacsim2.1 through the ros plug-in has a large shaking error when the robot rotates. What is the reason?I Established tf tree using posetree plugin , put the lidar and camera point clouds in the world coordinate system in rviz at the same time for display, finally lidar point cloud is stable, and the camera point cloud robot is stable when it moves in a straight line,but when it rotates, It keeps shaking; the video below is based on the official nvidia demo ros-navigation

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Hi! Unfortunatelly, I don’t have and answer, but I think it’s the same question I asked here yesterday. (ROS propper way to get camera pointcloud and jointState at the same time)
I hope, someone can solve our problem.

help help help ~

@Hammad_M would you please help out

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The issue stems from a synchronization issue between the rendering pipeline and the sensor pipeline.
In this release we had no way of forcing synchronization between the two pipelines, so in some cases a depth point cloud message is missed as it came in between frames.

With the next release of isaac sim there will be more controls over forcing synchronization and properly waiting for the next frame from the renderer for publishing camera related data.

That is real fine !!! Thank you very much !!

I’ve got a similar problem. If I understand what you wrote, I cannot get the exact pose from which the image was rendered? Is there any possibilities how to fix this? Maybe writing a custom message (11. Custom Message — Omniverse Robotics documentation) that contains both, image and pose?
I need to fix this as soon as possible, so I would be thankful If you could share an unstable release that contains new possibilities of forcing synchronization. (if it already exists)
Thank you.

PS: when will be the new version released?

next release will be end of April