RTX Radar


  1. In the 2022 changelog, there is something called “RTX radar”. I assume it is only supposed to work in Linux so far. It has and rtx_radar.py file in the Isaac Sim directory but it doesn’t properly work, I believe. Also it has no documentation. Do you have a plan for it?
  2. My second question is, I couldn’t understand whether RTX materials for Lidars work or not, as in “a change the lidar behavior”. It looks the same. What is the proper way to test it?
  3. Third, will RTX material feature be available for the radar, too?
  4. Fourth, may I expect the mid September 2023 release focus on the radar and rtx material feature?

You have probably found this in the mean time but just in case you haven’t or someone seeking stumbles over this post here’s the RTX-LIdar Documentation.

We have no supported samples of RTX Radar, but we do have the ReadRTXRadarInfo node that shows how to parse the data from a RTX Rader, and the standalone_examples/api/omni.isaac.sensors/rtx_radar.py sample that should run as well.

Sensor Materials work for Radar the same they do for Lidar, and the parameters for the materials hold information for both.

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