RTX Warp and Blend API

Good morning,
I am contacting you because I want to work on an output image distortion project for a video projector but I am looking for an API that would work with RTX type cards can you guide me, I have downloaded the Warp and Blend API but it is indicated that it only works with Quatro cards

Thanks for your help

Hi Harry,

Welcome to the forum & thanks for the question.

The Warp & Blend API is supported on all professional Workstation GPUs - a list of which can be found here: Graphics Cards for Professional Desktop Workstations | NVIDIA

This includes NVIDIA RTX A2000, RTX A4000, RTX A4500, RTX A5500, RTX A6000, RTX 4000SFF ADA Gen, RTX 6000 ADA Gen.


I have compiled and tried the Linux Warp and Blend successfully on my old GTX 970 card. Works like a charm.

Is it possible that the API works on all modern NVIDIA GPU’s?

according to here: Warp and Blend | NVIDIA Developer it should only work with the mid-to high-end professional products, used to be names Quadro, now RTX:
“Dependencies NVIDIA Quadro 1200 class or higher products with Fermi, Kepler, Maxwell or newer GPUs
NVS 810 & 510
Windows Quadro Display drivers [302.82 or newer]”
But that info and page is clearly rather old, so for sure support today would include the current generation of enterprise RTX boards. Not sure, if really consumer cards should be supported…