Does warp & blend work on Quadro k4000?

Hello! Can you tell me please does warp & blend work on Quadro k4000? Maybe I’m wrong, but this video card meets the requirements specified in the file README.txt for WarpBlendSample_1.0. But when I run WarpBlendSample.exe it outputs that NvAPI_GPU_SetScanoutWarping is not supported. The version of the driver is 466. The requirements from the README.txt:
“NVIDIA Quadro 1200 class or higher products with Fermi, Kepler, Maxwell or newer GPUs”
“Windows Quadro Display drivers 302.82 or newer”

Hi @andreyfaltistfeh!

Sorry this took a bit longer, but I do have good news. If you install the latest driver for the Quadro K4000, which should be 472.47 since this is a Kepler based card, this issue should be addressed.

I hope this is still helpful!

Hello, thank you for the reply! I already know about this)

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