Warp and Blend on a laptop?

Hi there, I would like to do projection warping from a laptop. I have a laptop that has a 3070RTX mobile GPU.

My goal is to fix the warp on a curved monitor. Running the WarpBlendSample ends with each demo saying that the scanout functions are not supported.

Is there a laptop that runs a version of RTX that does support GPU scanout calls? I would prefer to stay in the laptop space and not go desktop. However, if I do need to go to desktop, what is the minimum RTX GPU card that I would need?

Also, it would be nice to know exactly what this functionality does. Is this something that I can do outside of my applications? For example, my application that I want to fix is a Unity app, so can I make these calls outside of Unity in another app to warp the screen? Even better, can I make these calls within a Unity C++ dll so I can control the warping in real-time?

Thank you,