RTXGI for 5.3 and beyond


I recently asked during a live session what the status of RTXGI was, and the answer was as I kind of expected it. RTXGI is currently parked to make RXTDI your priority.
However, it was also mentioned that, with enough interest in it, you would not be against the idea of potentially giving us an upgraded version of the plugin for us to use in 5.3.

This post is all about that. I hope RXTGI can get enough attention from the developers to give you the motivation to continue working on it.
I personally believe that it was fantastically filling a gap that Unreal misses. Having a very scalable static/dynamic probe-based lighting solution. This is gold for certain projects with specific needs (anything at a fast pace where the current dynamic solution is still struggling).

I hope to hear a positive outcome from this post.


Yes, it would be fantastic if RTXGI were updated for Unreal Engine 5.3. While Lumen is excellent, it is still more resource-intensive compared to RTXGI, as demonstrated by games like ‘The Finals’. I hope that RTXGI makes a return someday to offer an alternative to Lumen.


I am one of the those (few?) hoping to see A 5.3 RTXGI version, it would solve all my current headaches.
Currently I’m developing with 4.27 and the only thing keeping me there is the RTXGI plugin.
All the new features in 5.3 would make my life easier in terms of development but the performance is really bad and not really scalable for my usage.

Perhaps I’m a outliner case but I can’t imagine I’m alone.

Top down camera faking orthographic which means a camera distance of around 4500 units. Lumen can’t really handle this draw distance with a stable result.

For indoor scenes I currently use:
Baked lightning for high quality static GI and AO + using the baked AO as a dirt mask. RTXGI for dynamic GI.

Outdoor scenes: Fully dynamic lights and RTXGI.

The DDGI volume is attached to the player character to ensure I don’t have the screen space GI issue of lights not taken into account when they go offscreen.

In each room indoor I have a hero light using raytraced shadows.

The scalability of this setup is amazing, I have control of probe count, sample count, can toggle RT lights on and off and my fps can range from 200+ down to 30 depending on my settings with a 4090. And that’s before I enable dlss.
This means I can run my game on everything from a potatoe up to current top of the line hardware.

Lumen offers, well, Lumen… It runs worse but also I can’t get it stable due to drawdistance unless I up the culling and max out all settings which further tanks my performance.

The RTXGI is genius for optimisation, I pray there will be a custom branch of 5.3 or 5.4 release with RTXGI added back in.

I understand this is a matter of allocation of resources but I hope I can add a usecase where lumen really isn’t a good option and RTXGI really shines.


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