Thank you for RTX DI and RTX GI

Heard about RTX DI in Epic MegaJam stream for the first time, cloned the NvRTX branch and… just in three days I was able to make the scene that I believed wasn’t possible in stock UE.

While it may look simple, the scene is illuminated by sun, sky, all windows, plus l TVs may be turned on/off in any combination. Plus there are other rooms with their own light sources that all are grouped very close to each other. And now all that have soft shadows and dynamic GI. Just amasing.

And as you can see it’s 60 fps in 2k on 3070, epic settings :)

As any tech it’s not perfect and I had to use some tricks to make it work, like sky plane visible only to raytracing, so RTX GI could pick the skylight, avoiding use of capsule-shaped pointlights, turning sampling off for sun etc.

It may cost me my MegaJam entry because I spent too much time playing with this but it completely worth it :)


Welcome @anatoly.sennov ! Nice that you found your way to the NVIDIA developer community!

That is high praise for RTX GI and DI, thank you very much!

Please feel free to share a bit more about your project. Will it be some Indie game or are you part of a game studio?

We are always happy to hear developer stories where they successfully used the latest in Graphics technology.

Maybe it is a bit late since you already seem to be an expert in RTX GI, but did you know that we hosted a Webinar about exactly these features and UE5 here at NVIDIA? Feel free to check it out if you have not already.

Welcome again and I hope to hear more from you.

Hi Markus

I"m solo developer and this is more of a hobbie project. It’s 3rd person action game where I’n trying to balance gameplay between stealth, shooting and fighting. Think of Oni mixed with MGSV, both were my favorite games of all times and both will never see continuation (ok, never say never :) ).

But for the jam I was trying to explore something different - the genre of horror.

So I decided to make small level (because you cannot make anything big in a week) but with many dynamic elements like time of day, weather, artificial lights etc. Main idea was that player controls his progress through game by exploring and using the possibilities of interaction that in turn depends on lighting. For example, the lightning may illuminate some switch that is only possible to use while it’s visible. Or contrary, you need to make some place dark so you’ll be able to hide there. That sort of things.

Initially was targetting Lumen, but your guy has mentioned RTX GI during the stream… and that was the end :)

Thanks for webinar link, but for some reason (probably political) I cannot register there. But actually I’ve found all required info in docs and readmes and in YT channel.

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Hi anatoly.sennov,

I am sorry to hear that you could not register. Hopefully that situation will get better again soon. Since this Webinar was posted on a third party service I cannot provide a different access link sadly. But I think the content was pretty similar to what was presented at the Epic MegaJam.

Your project sounds really nice! And a refreshingly innovative approach to game mechanics. Thank you for sharing!

If you need any more help or have more cool stuff to show off, be sure to continue posting!


Lookin really good! Yeah RTXGI is very performant and capable. Looks like you’re making great use of it!