Run time error for samples in win10 VS2017

Hi guys,

I’m trying to work on the NVIDIA CODEC API for video encoding/decoding. I’m running it on Win10 VS2017. It compiled well, however, it always gives me the run time error:

Exception thrown at 0x7730A9F2 in AppEncD3D9.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: std::invalid_argument at memory location 0x001DF5F8.
The thread 0x5b4c has exited with code 1 (0x1).

I have no idea if this is me who did something wrong since all the sample projects are giving me this same run time error.

Any help is appreciated

Hi situomeng,

are you giving any command line parameters when you start the sample? The error implies that no input files was given through the command line parameters using "-i ".

Best regards,

Thanks for the reply! Yeah I figured that out last night just didn’t get to delete the post. Sorry for that.
I’m now working fine with the Decoding sample with mp4 files. However, I’m still having trouble with the encoding. It always says “Invalid value. Can’t convert to one of yuv420 yuv444”.Can you give me a hint regarding what kind of file can be used to test the encoding sample? Thanks again!