SDK Sample fails at runtime


First of all sorry if this isn’t the right forum for this.

I downloaded Video Codec SDK 8.0 and compiled the NvEncode sample on CUDA toolkit 8.0.

I downloaded the “Heavy hand” test data-set provided by nvidia for testing:

So running the sample with:

# devicetype set to CUDA
# Codec  set to H264
./NvEncoder -i ~/Downloads/HeavyHand_1080p.yuv -size 1920 1080 -o sample_heavy -devicetype 2 -inputFormat 0 -codec 0

Yields an error in the Init stage of the Encoder:

Thread 1 "NvEncoder" hit Breakpoint 1, CNvHWEncoder::Initialize (this=0x626c20, device=0x634430, deviceType=NV_ENC_DEVICE_TYPE_CUDA) at ../common/src/NvHWEncoder.cpp:1188
1188	    if (nvStatus != NV_ENC_SUCCESS)
(gdb) p nvStatus 

After this the application exits silently, missing to report the error.

So what I want to know, does this look like a real error or is it just me who needs to RTFM? :)

I didn’t get any response so I’ll file a bug report instead.