Run TX1 WiFi in both STA and AP mode simultaneously?

Hello All,

I have AP mode working well, thanks to some information that I’ve found in this forum. I’m now interested in find out if it’s possible to run the TX1 in both STA and AP mode simultaneously, as is possible with many SoCs today.

I did some digging and found these WiFi modes in bcmdhd.h:

#if 0 && (0>= 0x0600)
/* Firmware requested operation mode */
#define STA_MASK            0x0001
#define HOSTAPD_MASK        0x0002
#define WFD_MASK            0x0004
#define SOFTAP_FW_MASK        0x0008
#define P2P_GO_ENABLED        0x0010
#define P2P_GC_ENABLED        0x0020
#define CONCURENT_MASK        0x00F0

These shows STA 0x01, and AP mode 0x02.

However, there’s also a concurrent_mask, which may indicate that you can run in STA + either P2P or hostAP… according to function: dhd_is_concurrent_mode() in this code:

I’m not sure if that interpretation is correct, or if the TX1 hardware supports this even if the driver has provisions for it.

Does anyone have experience with this?

Thank you!

Hi mumi1048576,

Unfortunately, it is not feasible on TX1. This question was once discussed on this forum long time ago.