Nvidia Jetson TX2 as concurrent wireless AP/STA

Can the TX2 operate concurrently as a wireless AP and as a wireless STA?

I changed the broadcom network adapter op_mode to 2 via
echo 2 > /sys/module/bcmdhd/parameters/op_mode

and successfully configured the TX2 as an AP.

When op_mode =2 I am not able to scan for AP’s using the wireless interface wlan0. This suggests that wireless STA is not supported when op_mode=2.

However, what confuses me is that iw list says AP/STA is enabled.
I want 1 AP and 1 managed interface to connect to the internet. This looks possible:

software interface modes (can always be added):
	valid interface combinations:
		 * #{ AP } <= 1, #{ managed } <= 2, #{ P2P-client, P2P-GO } <= 2, #{ P2P-device } <= 1, #{ IBSS } <= 1,
		   total <= 4, #channels <= 1

Can someone confirm TX2 cannot operate concurrently as wireless AP/STA?
Also, is there infromation about op_mode = 2? I looked at the broadcom datasheet, but I can’t find any information.


Hi, @david.kooi

AP/STA can work concurrent, at least with this chip on Jetson TX2.

Thanks for the reply.

In the email reply I see: “AP/STA don’t support concurrent working on Jetson TX2.”

I presume the edit should say “can’t work concurrent”.?

Yes, your are right, it cannot work with the wifi model on Jetson TX2 at least.