Running / Building John the Ripper on the Jetson-Tk1


I am currently trying to run/build JtR on a Jetson-Tk1. I have been able to successfully build with cuda/openMPI enabled but am having trouble running the test.

The error I get when running ./john --test is

Could not find section [List.Generic:dynamic_1000] in the john.ini/conf file
Segmentation fault

This error does not occur when I build and run with the same configuration on my other machines. From reading the documentation, dynamic_1000 should not exit and creating one still results in a segfault.

If anyone has been able to build and run JtR help would be appreciated.


Forgot to mention, This is with the latest bleeding jumpo version of JtR.


Do you have a URL to the source you downloaded, and a description of any config you used?

I cloned the latest build from here

My Config
Target CPU … armv7l NEON, 32-bit LE
AES-NI support … no
Target OS … linux-gnueabihf
Cross compiling … no
Legacy arch header … arm32le.h

Optional libraries/features found:
Fuzzing test … no
Experimental code … no
OpenMPI support (default disabled) … yes
Fork support … yes
OpenMP support … yes (not for fast formats)
CUDA support (default disabled by OpenCL) … yes * NOTE: OpenCL is superior, *
OpenCL support … no * even for NVIDIA *
Generic crypt(3) format … yes
Rexgen (extra cracking mode) … no
GMP (PRINCE mode and faster SRP formats) … yes
PCAP (vncpcap2john and SIPdump) … yes
Z (pkzip format, gpg2john) … yes
BZ2 (gpg2john extra decompression logic) … no
128-bit integer (faster PRINCE mode) … no
Memory map (share/page large files) … yes

GDB backtrace
Could not find section [List.Generic:dynamic_1000] in the john.ini/conf file

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x00083756 in Count_Items (Key=Key@entry=0x1fe49c “Func=”) at dynamic_parser.c:860
860 gen_line = gen_source->head;
(gdb) bt
#0 0x00083756 in Count_Items (Key=Key@entry=0x1fe49c “Func=”) at dynamic_parser.c:860
#1 0x000847ce in dynamic_LOAD_PARSER_FUNCTIONS (which=1000, pFmt=0xb684aee8) at dynamic_parser.c:911
#2 0x0006f7b2 in LoadOneFormat (idx=idx@entry=1000, pFmt=0xb684aee8) at dynamic_fmt.c:7712
#3 0x0008336a in dynamic_Register_formats (ptr=0xbefff554) at dynamic_fmt.c:7832
#4 0x0019c5c6 in john_register_all () at john.c:374
#5 0x0019f22e in john_init (name=0xbefff839 “john”, argc=1, argv=0xbefff6f4) at john.c:1399
#6 0x001a0112 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbefff6f4) at john.c:1900


So far as I can tell the program lacks install information. Some of the documentation suggests just using “touch” to create john.ini, but once this is done you end up with the error you found concerning “section [List.Generic:dynamic_1000]”. The program cannot be expected to succeed without config. Unfortunately, the make install step does not create any kind of template for this. I’d suggest searching online for the content of the ini file.

FYI, there are other problems in the software with possibly non-portable code between x86 and ARMv7. Alignment issues may or may not be a problem once you have a valid ini file.