Running DeepStream Sample Using X11 Forwarding


Can I run a Deep Stream Sample on a headless connection with Jetson Nano. If yes what are the changes I need to make

Thanks in advance

Please share more information about your usecase. For ‘headless connection’, do you mean remote login into Jetson Nano via ssh?

I’m connected to Jetson Nano via xrdp (Remote Desktop Protocol) using Remmina

sorry to interrupt your topic, I have same question and I used the SSH connection between PC and jetson device.
if I run deepstream-app on PC by ssh connection, it reports that:

No EGL Display
nvbufsurftransform: could not get EGL display

Hi satya,
We don’t have exerience in running this environment. Other users may share their experience.

Hi liuhang20011,
In ssh longin, you shall need ‘export DISPLAY=:1(or 0)’ before running deepstream-app.

On Jetson, running a DeepStream application over SSH (via putty) with X11 forwarding does not work. It’s a limitation, please see chapter 2 of Release notes.

Hi @cshah @DaneLLL
There is no way to run deepstream over ssh? If there is no way for running, So the deepstream isn’t useful in product at all, because the Ubuntu desktop environment for by itself fill 3GB ram of system.

Would like to clarify this. You can run DeepStream SDK over ssh. You cannot run DeepStream SDK over ssh with X11 forwarding.