DeepStream without Display

I have a DeepStream docker container running on Jetson TX2. The status of this docker is reported on cloud. I wish to run a DeepStream app without a display or SSH cnnection. I have disabled sink0, tiled-display, and OSD from the DeepStream configuration. But I see the that the deepstream app is failing, and when I ssh into the Jetson device, it shows message could not get EGL display connection.

So how can I run a deepstream application without an HDMI display or ssh connection? I want the device to work on its own without giving any input to it after booting it.

You can use sink type 1 Fakesink or 3 File.

I’d you make your own DeepStream app, you can use the rtsp server components of DeepStream to send rtsp streams around.

I wouldn’t recommend doing it remotely without encryption. Helpfully, GstRtspServer supports TLS directly, or you can proxy through nginx as usual.

That’s what I do to debug when I’m not local to my Tegra boards. I can run my app via VsCode/ssh and connect to the output video via VLC.

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Hi Mdegans
Glad for your sharing.

Thanks all. I figured out that if the display variable is unset and sink is of type fake sink then Jetson board doesn’t need a display to run a DeepStream app.