running nvprof without an nvidia card

Is it possible to run nvprof on a machine without any nvidia GPUs ?
As far as I can tell, it was possible with CUDA 7.5, but I have not been able to do it with CUDA 8.

The use case is simple: in order to profile the time spent in the various parts of our application (both within the CPU and GPU) I have instrumented it using the NVTX API. With CUDA 7.5 I am able to profile all the jobs running on a mixed farm (some machines have an NVIDIA GPU, some do not); unfortunately when I nvprof from CUDA 8 on a machine without a GPU I get

$ nvprof /bin/true
NVIDIA: no NVIDIA devices found
======== Error: CUDA device error.

I didn’t find any mention of this change in the CUDA 8 documentation, so I’m wondering if it was intended, and if there is any way of running nvprof without a GPU.