Runtime error - Upgraded to 14.3 from 13.10

I just upgraded from PVF 13.10 to 14.3.

I am using PGIs VS shell. When I compile and run my code within VS there is no problem, when I try to run the executable from the command line, I get an error:

The program cant start because cudart64_50_35.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

I included the -Mcuda=cuda5.5 flag, but its like the compiler is trying to create the executable for cuda 5.0.

Any help is appreciated.


I should mention that I am using VS 2012 with PVF 14.3

Hi Kirk,

Are you running from a generic DOS cmd shell or the PGI supplied DOS bat files? If you’re running from a generic DOS, be sure to add the PATH to the dll’s. If you’re using the PGI supplied bat file, make sure you’re using the 64-bit version.

Now why you’re getting the Cuda 5.0 run time lib at all is most likely due to a dependency in the PGI CUDA Fortran run time, since portions are built using CUDA 5.0.

  • Mat