SBvh causes exception in new Optix versions


I was using Optix 3.0.1 previously and SBvh builder over my geometry.
Now I am trying to upgrade Optix to 3.6.3 and I get an exception when rendering:
“Encountered a CUDA error: Kernel launch returned (719)”
This happens only if the geometry size is rather big. I tested it on versions 3.6.3 and 3.6.2, GTX Titan and 980 - the result is the same.
Calling context compile() and validate() does not cause any errors.
The new TrBvh builder works fine on the same geometry.

Is SBvh supported in new versions?

Sbvh is still supported. That failure surprises me. Try it with 3.7 and see if it’s still broken. If so, make an OAC trace and contact us at and we’ll debug it.