Schematic design / GPIO Output (Nvidia Jetson NANO 2GB DevKit)

Hey guys,

i want to control a LED Stripe (12V … max. 300mA) with a Jetson Nano 2GB DevKit GPIO Pin.

This is my schematic:

I am a little bit confused about the current draw of a GPIO pin. Some people write its ± 1mA other say 20uA.

If you look at my schematic … Should i choose another value for R1? Is that schematic even possible with a GPIO pin? Any other suggestions how to drive that N-Ch Mosfet ?

Thanks in advance!


The GPIO pins of 40-pin connector all pass through a level shift, PI4ULS5V108LEX. So you can find its output characters in datasheet:


you say it is a P14ULS5V108LEX, but on this site its the Texas Instruments TXB0108RGYR level shifter.

Which one is the right one on the 2GB DevKit?

Checked again, it should be TXB0108, please follow that GPIO usage consideration and its datasheet online.