Regarding Jetson nano GPIO drive strength & level translator

Hello Support,

  1. Can you confirm that min. drive strength source/ sink is 1mA for all kind of pads of Jetson Nano like ST, CZ, DD, etc. It is not specified in datasheet but one of the post specifies it to be +/-1mA. So need your confirmation on this topic.

  2. Do you see any issues in Jetson Nano module if level translator is changed from TXB0108 (As in Dev. kit) to NTS0104. This is similar auto bidirectional level translator but with integrated 10K pull-ups on both 1.8V & 3.3V side.

Awaiting your response.


For general pins it is +/-1mA.

No info got on the NTS0104, seems it should be workable from datasheet side.

Hello Trumany,

Thanks for confirmation & sorry for not providing datasheet link,


Seems ok per datasheet, but can’t guarantee as not tested. You can try it on nano board first.