Jetson nano SD / GPIO drive strength

Hello there,
Can you explain the procedure to change the drive strength of Jetson nano SD Clock pin in terms of changing Magnitude and Rise / Fall time and frequency. and if possible can you explain what is the value for <0xa> in device tree and by changing the value what the will be the reflection.
either in magnitude or Rise/Fall time.
cam1_mclk_ps0 {

nvidia,pull-down-strength = <0xa>;
nvidia,pull-up-strength = <0xa>;


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hello b.sakthivel,

there’re values with its offsets, please tweak the drive strength as following,
for example,

0x1      + 1 to drive strength
0x2      + 2 to drive strength
0xF      + 15 to drive strength

on the other hand

0x7F      -1 to drive strength
0x7E      -2 to drive strength
0x70     -15 to drive strength

Hello jerry thanks for your reply
Can you please explain what the drive strength states? whether it is Output impedance or Rise / Fall time.

hello b.sakthivel,

you may access to pinmux spreadsheets to review the pin configuration.

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